autex interior

We are Distributors of AUTEX INTERIOR ACOUSTIC Products

Autex® are leaders in acoustic innovation. Dedicated to product development, Autex Interior Acoustics are the premium solution to controlling reverberated noise
Autex Interior Acoustics have a range of products to suit the Commercial office space, the Education field, Hospitality, Theatres & Auditoriums.
The products include Vertiface, Composition Acoustic Fabric, Acoustic Peel & Stick tiles, Symphony Acoustic Wall Fabric, Workstation, Vivace, Cube, Quietspace Frontier, Quietspace 3D Tiles, Quietspace Panel,
Quietspace Horizon, Quietspace Ceiling Tiles, Quietspace Lattice, Quietspace Accent Ceiling Tiles, & Cove.
Ceiling Distributors can provide custom colour printing and specialised cutting to your requirements